Shoes have always been my passion.

While growing up all my studies have been centered around fashion and I have been inspired by it my whole life; in particular the luxury sector, both from a stylistic and a marketing point of view. I grew up traveling a lot and learning to love all the different cultures, breathing in the influences of the different countries that I have ever visited.

My inspiration to make of my passion a real job comes from a working experience in a company in charge of machineries for the footwear industry. Hence, my brand of luxury shoes was born, rigorously Made in Italy, with handmade finishes.

Each model holds my love for beauty, for the details and for products of high quality. The colors, the fabric, the materials are the result of a meticulous research, of a maniacal care and of the union between artisan tradition and innovation in the production processes.

My models are women’s best friends during every moment of the day: they transmit comfort during the day and make women feel special during important occasions. In my shoes you can stay from dawn to dusk, and as a consequence our collection offers different heights: flats and heel 7 to use during the whole day and heel 10 for special moments, giving all the women the right to be spoiled by something that makes them dream, feel beautiful and admired.